Never fight another expensive, tall, difficult, overly complicated seed handling system again!  We offer the industries only system that allows the producer the ability to fill any size conventional box planter without moving the tow vehicle.  Easy three button remote use and automatic electric braking stops your Tow Tender on the spot, right where you need it, fill after fill, time after time. 

"I've tried the current seed tenders and the new Tow Tender system is by far the easiest, least labor intensive system I have used."  Andy Gehm-Gehm Farms


Imagine filling up to a 36 row conventional planter and NEVER moving the tow vehicle or swing an auger.  Now, imagine doing it with an easy to use three button remote control.  Electric brakes automatically applied everytime you stop the tender.  Safe, easy, effective.  Call now for 2013 factory direct LOW pricing.  We are looking for dealers!
Welcome to CAL Manufacturing Inc., maker of the patented Tow Tender seed handling system. We strive to provide you the best ag products and machine shop services for any business. Our patented Tow Tender seed handling system will allow the producer the ultimate advantage in seed handling when planting season arrives. Please take a look at our other services and products and we look forward to working with you. 
See the YouTube video below.
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*Offer is subject to change and does require certain customer obligations.  Call for more information at 815-712-1708.
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